Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge

Did you know? All JCH employees can use the walking track for FREE everyday!

Every Thursday all JCH employees can use the entire facility for FREE!

You can take classes, use the pools, do it all!


Biometric Screenings

Cholesterol, height, weight, BMI & blood pressure are REQUIRED for all insured JCH employees (and spouses if covered by JCH insurance) participating in the Humana Vitality Program and all other JCH employees planning to participate in the 2016 JCH Employee Wellness Challenge and/or Humana Vitality. (Wellness Challenge is open to all employees: contract, per-diem, part-time & full-time, Humana Vitality is open to all part-time & full-time employees whether covered by JCH insurance or not.)


  1. Who can participate? All regular status (part-time and full-time) employees at JCH can participate in Humana Vitality and insured spouses. You do not have to be enrolled in the JCH health insurance plan to participate.
  2. What do I get for participating? Earn Vitality points to receive a $50/month discount on your monthly health insurance premium and Vitality bucks that can be redeemed for items such as gift cards for Amazon, Target, Macy’s, purchase movie tickets, fitness devices: fitbits, garmins, polar heart rate monitors, etc.
  3. Do I have to be a member of the Wellness Center to participate? You do not have to be a member of the Wellness Center, however, the JCH Wellness Center is a Humana Vitality participating facility so you will earn points each time you scan your membership card.
  4. How do I get started?
    1. All eligible employees have received or will receive a card in the mail from Humana Vitality. If you are a newly eligible employee and haven’t received a card, contact Tom Smith at 498-3500 or tsmith@jch.org to check on enrollment.
    2. Complete biometric screenings (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure & cholesterol) at one of the designated times. SEE ATTACHED SCHEDULE for scheduled times at the Wellness Center. You can go to the lab at the hospital at any time through Jan. 31st, 2016 for your FREE lab screening. This is a fasting test and please remember that patients come first. Ring the bell and the lab staff will assist you.
    3. Complete Health assessment at https://www.humana.com/vitality/ by March 31st. You do not need to have the results from your biometric screenings to complete the online health assessment.
    4. Report various activities throughout the year (ex. dental exams, physicals, blood donations, flu shots, physical activity, etc.) on www.humana.com/vitality/ to reach SILVER status by Nov. 30th, 2016 in order to receive the $50/month discount on your monthly health insurance premium in 2017. If a spouse is insured, both of you must reach SILVER status in order to receive the monthly premium discount. If you are not enrolled in JCH health insurance plan, you can still earn points and vitality bucks as an incentive for taking charge of your health.

Both programs are great benefits to JCH employees to reward for healthy behaviors. Don’t miss out on your opportunity for FREE lab screenings and other rewards from Humana Vitality and JCH Employee Wellness Challenge! If you have any questions please contact Tom Smith or Jen Lyles at the JCH Wellness Center 618.498.3500.

You must have your biometric screening done to participate in the Humana Vitality program and they screenings are optional but encouraged for the JCH Employee Wellness Challenge.

The Humana Vitality program can save you $600/year and earn up to a $200 Wellness Center gift certificate by participating in the JCH Employee Wellness Challenge!

Humana Vitality