Welcome to the JCH EMS System Training Center

The following are the scheduled classes for 2019. To register please call (618) 498-8449.

Monday, January 14th  6:00 PM BLS Joey Frazier
Friday, February 8th  8:00 AM ACLS Dr. McNear / Leah Hawk
Monday, February 11th  6:00 PM BLS J. Franklin
Friday, March 8th 8:00 AM BLS C. Lanczkowski
Friday, March 15th 8:00 AM PALS PALS Instructor
Saturday, March 16th 9:00 AM HS FA CPR AED J. Hutchens
Monday, April 8th  6:00 PM BLS D. Dienberg
Monday, May 13th  6:00 PM BLS D. Hausmann
Friday, June 7th  8:00 AM BLS M. Hutchens
Monday, June 10th 6:00 PM BLS B. Tuggle
Wednesday, June 15th  9:00 AM HS FA CPR AED A. Wellenreiter
Monday, July 8th  6:00 PM BLS M. Blevins
Monday, August 12th  6:00 PM BLS M. Hutchens
Monday, September 9th  6:00 PM BLS J. Frazier 
Monday, October 14th  8:00 AM BLS C. Lanczkowski
Monday, November 11th 6:00 PM BLS J. Franklin
Friday, November 15th  8:00 AM ACLS ACLS Instructors
Saturday, December 7th 9:00 AM HS FA CPR AED D. Dienberg
Monday, December 9th  6:00 PM BLS A. Wellenreiter
Friday, December 20th  8:00 AM PALS PALS Instructor


NOTE: (All classes):

  • Participants MUST be pre-registered for classes by the Monday prior to the scheduled class.
  • For registration call (618) 498-8449 or email Kelly Birdsong ( about a book for class)
  • No late registrations or walk-ins will be accepted unless previously approved.
  • A class may be canceled for insufficient class size.
  • All classes will be held in the JCH Training Center at 1702 West County Road Jerseyville.
  • If any questions, please call (618) 498-8449.