Mission & Values

Mission & Values

JCH Mission Statement

“JCH will provide people-focused primary care-plus, stressing preventative services and public accountability.”

Primary Care-Plus

Not only is JCH committed to a strong base of primary care services, but also to bring to the community those secondary specialties which can reasonably and responsibly be offered in the convenience and safety of the local setting,

People Focused

JCH comes from a tradition of “going the second mile” for all who come to our doors. Today, we are rededicated to that tradition in all that it means in the “Information Age.” We focus on hearing and responding to the needs of our several publics: Physicians, Staff, Patients, Suppliers, and the Public.

Prevention Oriented

Prevention and early detection are a vital part of Jersey Community Hospital. JCH provides opportunity and leadership to the Community in wellness education, health screenings, and lifestyle management.

Prudently Managed/Publicly Owned

JCH is an irreplaceable community resource, owned by the people of Jersey County and servant to the nearly 50,000 persons in its service area. Knowing the fragile nature of rural institutions, everyone at JCH must work together to preserve the Hospital’s viability.