About Us

About Us

Jersey Community Hospital (JCH) is a healthcare organization focused on delivering the best primary care and sustainable secondary care in the communities we serve. We currently serve people and communities in Jersey, Calhoun, Greene, and Madison Counties in Illinois.

“JCH will provide people-focused primary care-plus, stressing preventative services and public accountability.”

Primary Care-Plus

Jersey Community Hospital is committed to a robust base of primary care services, as well as additional higher-level services that can be responsibly delivered in the local setting.

People Focused

JCH comes from a tradition of “going the second mile” for all who come to our doors. We focus on hearing and responding to the needs of our several publics: Physicians, Staff, Patients, Suppliers, and the Public.

Prevention Oriented

Prevention and population health are an important focus for Jersey Community Hospital. We provide opportunity and leadership to the community in education, screenings, and lifestyle management.

portrait of Beth King - CEO

Prudently Managed/Publicly Owned

Jersey Community Hospital is an irreplaceable community resource, owned by the people of Jersey County and servant to the nearly 50,000 persons in its service area. Knowing the fragile nature of rural institutions, everyone must work together to preserve the organization’s viability.

ACO – Working to Improve Your Healthcare

Jersey Community Hospital participates in the Illinois Rural Community Care Organization, LLC, (IRCCO) which is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). For More information click on the links below.

What is an ACO, my care and getting the most?

2021 IRCCO Beneficiary Information Notice