In 1990, the estate of Cleon and Beulah Palmer made it possible for Jersey Community Hospital to set up a fund encouraging area individuals to seek health care careers. The following year, monies from the estate of Robert and Dorothy Gledhill added to the fund. Over the years, the JCH Foundation has provided assistance to a substantial number of students residing in its tri-county service area, while using only the interest accrued by this fund and from additional funds raised from the Foundation’s annual Golf Tournament.

Applications are available in the Foundation office of Jersey Community Hospital, at the website, or in the Guidance Offices of area high schools. Assistance in the amount of $1,000 per semester for up to 8 semesters is offered as a loan. Loans are forgiven for individuals completing their programs and applying their skills back in the hospital service area of Jersey, Calhoun, or Greene County.

Applications are due May 1. Questions about this program or application may be referred to JCH Foundation, Charity Roth at 618-498-8392 or

General Information: This program is designed to offer financial assistance to those studying for careers in the healthcare fields, in hopes they will return to work in the service area of Jersey Community Hospital. Examples of current professions in high demand are nurses, physicians, physical therapists, laboratory and imaging technologists, and pharmacists.

Funds in the amount of $1,000 ($1,000 per semester with $8,000 total maximum) will be awarded to those selected. The program requires submission of a completed application by May 1st for a program beginning in the fall semester. Applicants must enroll as a full-time student (12 hours or more) in order to qualify for the JCH Medical Education Fund Scholarship. The scholarship is renewable each year as long as the recipient maintains a 3.0 grade point average and demonstrates successful achievement within an approved major. Renewal information (transcript & next semester schedule) must be received in the Jersey Community Hospital Foundation Office after every semester for consideration for the following semester. Awards will be sent directly to the applicant and can cover any educational expenses.

At the completion of the student’s approved program (or withdrawal before completion), all funds shall be repaid to the Jersey Community Hospital Foundation on a monthly schedule beginning six months after graduation or after enrollment is terminated or drops below full-time. For students who accept employment in their chosen field within the Hospital’s service area (Jersey, Calhoun, or Greene County), loan amounts will be forgiven at a rate of $2,000 for each complete year that the participant remains in their selected field in the area.