Emergency Room

Emergency Room

exterior of JCH emergency room

We saw a need to provide better emergency care. But to get there, changes had to be made. After three years of planning, talks with the ER staff and numerous revisions to the plans, we finally have tangible success. We're proud to report our efforts have already started paying off! Wait and overall visit times have gotten shorter. Plus, the added room gives our patients the privacy and comfort they deserve.

The new ER is built in an "L" shape around the present emergency facility, allowing us to provide outstanding emergency medicine. It also includes the following unique advantages.

The new JCH ER features:

  • Fourteen patient care areas for trauma-related and minor emergencies
  • Added privacy and comfort for patients
  • Three separate waiting areas
  • Ability to effectively triage patients to the ER
  • Soundproof nurses' station for additional privacy and quiet
  • Larger supply rooms and staff support facilities

interior of JCH emergency room

Following the Path to a New ER

Our Direction was Clear. Better Emergency Care.

Jersey Community Hospital has been serving this community since 1954. Although many things have changed in healthcare over the years, our primary focus is still you.

That's why over the last 10 years, we've built our Wellness Center, set up a Sleep Disorder Center, completely renovated our obstetric department in the Women's Center, added a dedicated on-site MRI and multi-slice CT scanner, and continually recruited the best physicians, nurses, technicians, leadership and support staff.

Recently, we came to a crossroad with our emergency care. Our previous Emergency Department was newly constructed in 1994. At the time, the facility - containing six patient treatment areas - nicely met the needs of the 6,000 people who came for service during the year. But as time went on and our community continued to grow, patient visits have more than doubled. In 2010, our Emergency Department provided care to over 12,000 patients. Working in the same conditions with a 100% increase in patient visits had caused patient wait times to grow! From there, the concept for the new ER evolved.

The Road We've Taken


JCH needed a new ER to help service its growing community. We needed to decrease patient wait times, increase privacy and help staff care for patients in a more efficient manner.

Taking the steps to where we are today didn't happen overnight. We actually began thinking about expanding our ER in 2008, but plans were shelved due to the recession.

To come up with our current plan, local architect John Shortal met with JCH ER staff to discover how the space could be adapted to help them be efficient, fast and safe. Floor plans were drawn and presented to the stakeholders, modified and modified again. Each time they got more user-friendly for staff, as well as more private and comfortable for patients.

While blueprints were being drafted and revised, efforts were also being made to reach our $1,000,000 fundraising goal:

  • The JCH Foundation was busy getting pledges.
  • The Board seized a unique opportunity (created by the Federal Stimulus plan) in which JCH was issued $7.1 million in Build America Bonds at a 4.5% interest rate.
  • Local banks got behind the project and bought all the Build America Bonds within days.

Visit our new ER today. You'll find the right choice in Emergency Care is right here at JCH.