Star of the Month Nomination

Star of the Month Nomination

JCH Healthcare STAR AWARDS Employee Recognition of Excellence in Service

We appreciate the nomination of any JCH employee. 
Here are the guidelines on the granting of the award:

1. Any JCH employee may be nominated by fellow employees.
2. One awardee will be selected each month.  
3. Awardees are selected by the Standards of Behavior Committee.  The committee is comprised of fellow JCH employees and it reviews all nominations received during the month.  
4.  All nominations will be communicated to the nominee, the nominee’s supervisor, senior administration, and the nominee’s personnel file. 
5. Nominations will be included as part of the nominee’s annual merit review.
6. All nominations will be kept on file and under consideration for one year from the date of receipt.  
7. Monthly winners will receive $50 Visa Gift Card and a Star Award pin to be worn on their ID badge plus departmental recognition with management team.
8. Once an employee has received the award, he/she will not be eligible to receive the award again for one year. 
9. Employees who are nominated, but not selected for the award will receive a special recognition from JCH management for being nominated. 
10. In gratitude for nominations, the name of each person who submits a nomination will be entered into a quarterly drawing for an incentive prize (limited to one prize per nominator per year).
11. To nominate a JCH Employee for the Star Award, employee must complete the Star Award form in entirety including the nominee, their position, their department worked, description of the exemplary service, the employee making the nomination, the nominator’s department and the date of nomination.
12. Forms may be submitted by placement in a JCH Comments box or sent via interoffice mail to Margie Eyers, JCH Administration.  

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