Get to Know Care Coordination  
Don’t know much about care coordination? Read on to learn how it helps you get the most out of your healthcare experiences.
Top 6 reasons CareSync is for you: 
Why have we partnered with CareSync? Here are 6 Reasons our partnership will help you achieve better health and have even better healthcare experiences.
What are Your Healthcare Priorities?
Consumers want to have their doctor communicate with other doctors in managing their care. We couldn’t agree more!
Patient Preventive Care Matters
Are you up to date on your recommended screenings for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, colorectal cancer, and osteoporosis?
Make sure you get your annual screenings taken care of before the end of the year! Preventive Care Matters!
Patient Immunization Awareness
Immunization is a shared responsibility. Families, healthcare professionals, and public health officials must work together to help protect the entire community.
Ensuring Patients Have What They Need (Heart of CareSync: “Needs Glucometer” Story)
When our patients face challenges, care coordination from CareSync is there to help us make sure you are taken care of.
Heart of CareSync - Help with Depression: 
We have partnered with CareSync to go above and beyond for our patients. Here’s a prime example.
Heart of CareSync - Calls at all hours: 
There’s no better time than right now to get your health questions answered!
Top 8 reasons you need your medical records:
In an emergency, every lifesaving minute counts. Make sure you have access to your medical records when you need it most.
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