Heart Center

Heart Center

The Cardiopulmonary department is composed of several service areas. One area is Respiratory Therapy, which offers a wide range of compassionate care. Beginning with outpatient services, such as EKGs, PFTs (Pulmonary Function Tests), and EEGs (Electroencephalograms). Inpatient services consist of oxygen therapy, nebulizer treatments, along with patient/family education for inhalers, flutter valves, and various pulmonary diseases. The respiratory therapist may set the patient up to go home with oxygen and nebulizers prior to discharge. Critical patients also have the therapist's expertise in drawing arterial blood gases and ventilator management.

Another service area is the Stress Lab. Our stress lab is run by ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified Registered Nurses. A wide variety of stress tests are offered, including nuclear imaging and non-walking stress tests.  A Primary Care Physician who has been trained in stress testing or a Cardiologist will be present during these tests.

The third discipline is Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to promote wellness and a healthier lifestyle. You will be given a progressive exercise prescription to improve endurance. Some of the equipment used are treadmills, recumbent bikes, and hand weights. Education on heart and lung function, medication, diet, and risk factor modification will also be provided. Your physician, an R.N., and other medical professionals will participate with you as a team to promote optimal wellness.

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